Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Unannounced Sequels ... that I want Announced

Pretty much every day I think of how awesome a sequel to some games would be, some of them are likely to arrive at some point, but some seem to never get their chance to see the light of day. Because of this I've decided to make a little list of ten games I personally think should have a sequel as soon as possible. Some are quite obvious, while others may surprise you. Naturally I'll write just why I think a sequel would be a good idea, so let's get going!

1. Atlantis 6
The Atlantis franchise has never been that popular, too often has it been compared to the much better Myst series, but I personally find that to be an unfair comparison. The series began in 1997 with Atlantis: The Lost Tales for PC, Playstation and the Sega Saturn. Since then it have slowly gotten sequels once in a while. The last sequel The Secret of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy was released in 2006 and wasn't met with a lot of praise. It was an okay game at best, but the style and story almost had nothing in relation to the original four games. Now here's what I think would make the series shine once again.

First of all the game need to get back to it's route by taking place mainly on Atlantis rather than in a world where Atlantis has sunken (or become a flying land built like a space-ship... Don't ask.) to the bottom of the ocean. Now we've already played the last days of Atlantis in the very first game, so this should probably take place some years earlier, so that we really get a true Atlantis to explore once again. Next up I personally think that Atlantis Interactive need to make sure Nobilis doesn't make the next game, as they clearly didn't care that much for the series past.

Graphics are something I'm going to speak of as well. I personally think the series should go into 3D for the first time, in the style of Myst 5. The second control scheme featured there (I think it was called Classic Special or something like that) would fit Atlantis perfectly, not only is it simple, but a way that will make the series look even more beautiful than before. Come on, it's worth a shot. Speaking of Myst 5, seeing as Cyan World won't make any more Myst games, maybe they could take interest in Atlantis? Nah, that would never happen... Oh well.

2. StarFox Wii
This has been rumoured for some time, but honestly, it's been a while now since we saw a console StarFox that wasn't mixed up with a bunch of odd ground based shooter combat. Don't get me wrong, I loved StarFox Adventure, but it was not the StarFox I wanted or was expecting after the awesome StarFox 64. And seeing as we have had the Wii for three years now it really surprises me that there have not been a new StarFox, c'mon Nintendo it's the ultimate StarFox console... ... ...though I guess it would work with a SIXAXIS as well.

Well, we did get StarFox Command for the DS I guess, and while I have not played that yet it do look quite awesome. Anyway, I recall an interview with the StarFox creator where he said he didn't feel like making a StarFox right now. That's a shame, but that doesn't mean no one else might make one, right Miyamoto? Right? I guess we can hope it'll get announced at E3, just like...

3. F-Zero Wii/DS
Yeah. Just like StarFox it's been a while since we saw an F-Zero game. And for some odd reason it has not even been one for the DS, which is strange seeing as that's where all the other Nintendo game tend to go before going to the Wii. I wanted to write a long bit about this game, because I really want it bad, but I can't think that much to write to be honest, oh well, please Nintendo, it would be awesome!

4. Suikoden 6
Another game that has been rumoured for a long time now. First off I need to mention that I was introduced to Suikoden by a friend of mine named Matt, thanks a lot Matt! It's a great series. Anyway, not only is it one of the most unique Stat Based Adventures (I have an issue with calling games RPGs, I'd explain but this is the wrong place to do it. You can all still call it RPG though if you prefer to do so, that's all up to you.) out there. I'm actually quite surprised there hasn't been a true sequel since 2006 seeing how this is (unlike Atlantis) a franchise that really sells a lot and have a huge fanbase.

Suikoden Tierkeis was released for the Nintendo DS last spring, it was an okay game but not the epic return we wanted. However, it sold alright and got quite good scores from most critics, so perhaps we can hope to see Suikoden 6 soon enough?

5. Alone in the Dark 6
Stop! Before you slap your head and close down the article, let me say something. Yes, I know Alone in the Dark 2008 was not the game most people hoped it to be and that most of people wished it never happened. And I agree to a certain degree with that, even though I did enjoy the game a lot. AITD2008 did however show that Eden Games really wanted to make their games unique and interesting. The time they put into it was certainly shown since the game looked amazing and had a lot of great ideas to it. However, as we all know the game was filled with bugs, a thin story towards the end and it tried to do far too much with far too little.

But you know what? I'm very sure that Eden knows this as well, and as they said in 2008, they really want to revisit the series for another sequel. And while AITD2008 might not have been the perfect game they were trying to create, I have a good feeling that if they got a second chance we could get a really nice game. Just look at Red Steel 2, it look miles better than Red Steel 1, why? Because the company has learned from their mistakes and corrects them. And to be honest, seeing as AITD2008 sold quite well I'm sure we can expect a sequel at some point.

6. Sid Meier's Pirates! 4
Sid Meier probably got far too much to do with Civilization 5 on its way, but hey, after the amazing remake/sequel Pirates! from 2004 there's no good reason for that we have not gotten another game in the series. However, I think that the decline in Pirate popularity got something to do with it all, it's all about Vampires now. Think about it. Pirates were 4-5 years ago what Vampires are today, awesome but overrated.

But maybe as Pirates of the Caribbean 4 comes along we'll see another Pirates! game to try to cash in on the popularity, we'll see. Until then I'll keep on playing some Sea Dogs, or Age of Pirates as it is called these days.

7. Condemned 3
I'm 100% sure this is coming. But I still felt I should mention it. Condemned 1 and 2 are some of the finest horror games of this generation and they certainly set up for an awesome franchise. There was talk of a movie being in the works as well, not sure if that's such a good idea, but we'll see. SEGA has actually not talked that much about another Condemned sequel, but I personally felt as if the ending of Condemned 2 pretty much guaranteed it, specially since it got good reviews and sold quite good.

To be honest, I think SEGA decided to wait a while so the game doesn't get confused with the movie called Condemned, seeing as they got nothing to do with each other. But I personally hope they'll get to it soon, as they story of Ethan Thomas and the Oro need to continue!

8. Blue Dragon 2
Hiranobu Sakaguchi talked about a sequel to Blue Dragon being in the works, but I'm starting to think he meant Blue Dragon Plus for the Nintendo DS as he only seem to be working on The Last Story according to himself. However, Blue Dragon was not only an amazing game, it was a game that deserves to be a long lived franchise. But I think that Sakaguchi need to consider the possibility of multi-platform if he wants it to survive in these times, after all, even Final Fantasy is doing it.

9. Mega Man X 9 / Mega Man Legends 3
I remember when people used to say "We don't want any more Mega Man X, give us the normal Mega Man!", well now that we've gotten Mega Man 9 and soon will have 10, I personally think that at least one new Mega Man X couldn't hurt. Mega Man X 8 was actually quite good, especially for featuring that awful Axl character! (Sorry all Axl fans.) But now that was 2004, and while we did get that Command Mission game and the PSP remake in 2004 and 2006 as well it doesn't really fix the thirst for a true sequel.

Now on to Mega Man Legends 3, I decided to keep both of these in the same number since they are both Mega Man games. Mega Man Legends is not only loved by a lot of gamers, but it's also Keiji Inafune's very favorite Mega Man game. But due to the low sales of Mega Man Legends 1 and 2, a third game doesn't seem to be what Capcom wants to do right now. But hey, there's always E3!

10. Shenmue 3
You knew it was coming. Mostly because it was in the header image, but also because this game is on every list like this and it doesn't help that Shenmue 2 is my favorite game of all time does it? But yes, Shenmue 3 is THE game we all want but probably will never get. Why? Just like Mega Man Legends, Shenmue did not sell as much as it hoped to, which meant that SEGA lost a lot of money on it. But to be honest, seeing how many people want a sequel and how many people even decided to buy Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing (Which reminds me, another Alex Kidd would rule.) just for the fact that Ryo was in it pretty much shows to me that if a sequel was released now it would certainly sell a lot.

The fun thing is that it seems SEGA intended to release it on the original Xbox for a while, but it was cancelled, rumour has it that it was even prepared for an E3 showing before they pulled the plug on it all. I guess we'll never know for sure though. I wonder if there's a possibilty for SEGA to release a compilation of Shenmue 1 and 2 so they can test how many people would buy it, I sure as hell would, whether it'd be for 360, Wii or PS3, and I don't even have a PS3 (yet) !

Anyway, here are my ten (or eleven) sequels I would love to see, what are yours? Feel free to comment!

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