Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Major Updates! (UPDATED!)

Alright, important matters first.

Jimmy Lindmark, one of the founders of Achievement Unlock is leaving tomorrow for Stockholm, naturally this means that while he still will be a part of the website he probably won't be making any more videos with anyone down here in Kalmar for the time being. Unfortunatly, this means no three-way Final Fantasy XIII review that I was looking forward to shooting. So allow me to sum it up shortly; I think the game is worthless, so does Jimmy. However, Jonis happens to love it so much he named it "The Best Final Fantasy Ever". So make with that what you want.

But on to more positive news! We've got a brand new writer here at AU! I'd like to welcome Marty Karlsson to the team, let's hope he won't have to move any time soon. Next important bit is about the 2010 GamerScore Race. Jonis has officially dropped out as he sold his X-Box 360 last week. But Jimmy and me are still going at it and of course I will win in the end ... or not, we'll see.

The next upcoming review by me is one of these three; Resonance of Fate, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake. All games that I've been looking forward to a whole lot, so let's hope they lived up to their potential. We also have a little bit different design on the site now, so enjoy that as well not to mention that soon we'll have a profile section for all the writers at AU.

Now, I might not be write that much on twitter the upcoming days, as my wait for Alan Wake also means that I'm staying away from internet to avoid spoilers as best I can.

The Profile sections is up, now to get everyone to write something! Also, the twitter/gamertags are now available under Contact.

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