Sunday, April 11, 2010

[Preview] Lost Planet 2: Multiplayer

I love Capcom, and who wouldn't? They brought us classics like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Bionic Commando. Their name is synonymous with quality, or at least they most often is. Lost Planet 2, the sequel to 2006's popular X-box 360 game is unfortunately a very mixed bag, at least in its current state. But what does that actually mean? Hit the jump to find out!

First of all, this beta only contained one map and not many customization options, so it's hard to comment on how the final multiplayer experience will be in the end, so I won't. The map featured was a jungle level playable in two modes; Deathmatch called Elimination and the classic Capture the Stations called Post Grab. Both of these was in the original Lost Planet as well so it's not that much of a surprise for fans of the original.

The graphics are okay, not as impressive as I had hoped, but they look fine. The controls is where it starts to get bad. First of all your character move far to slow, I know this was present in Lost Planet 1 as well, but here it really makes the game feel boring and annoying. And as if that wasn't enough the game forces you to hold down a bunch of buttons for no good reason. For example, if I want to use the grappling hook I'll press X with my thumb, and then I want to hold myself to the wall, so I must keep on holding X after that. But then I want to aim at people, which require the right thumbstick, which means I must let go of X which means I lose my grip and fall down and the entire concept went to waste.

Now the cool parts are the mech suits, because they move much faster and deal a hell of a lot of damage, ant they're quite rare so it makes the search for them quite fun as well. The weapons in the game work great but feel very bland, this game could have needed some original ideas for weapons ala. Resistance 2, but it doesn't make the game bad in any way.

In the end, Lost Planet 2 will probably be a big hit online, but probably not for me, but who knows? Maybe they will fix my complaints before the 20th May, maybe they won't.

P.S: Super-thanks to Destructoid/Vtoid for holding the beta key contest, you people rock!
written by Torbjörn "Tobbii" Karlsson

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