Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Alan Wake

It’s been five years since Remedy announced Alan Wake for the Xbox 360 at E3 2005 and I was as hyped then as I was the last month of waiting. But five years is a long time, and if you’ve been waiting you probably want to make sure the wait is worth it. Well I was there on day one and played it through to the end, I’m here to tell you if Alan Wake is worth the wait.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Condemned Criminal Origins

The first horror game of this generation was made by Monolith Productions, called FEAR: First Encounter Assault Recon. However, not long after the release of FEAR came Condemned, also by Monolith. A new gritty take on the often underused psychological horror genre. Did it turn out well?

End of the Week: Horror Time

Alan Wake is here, I've played it and finished it. I'm about to play it again, because I love it. However, where would Alan Wake be today without other kinds of horror games that led up to it and it's now well known "Psychological Action Thriller" title? Well, it probably wouldn't be here.

Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and so many other titles are part of what made the genre so big to begin with. Alone in the Dark had its atmospheric horror, Resident Evil its B-Movie scares and Silent Hill its complex psychological nightmares. Because of this, I'll devote the coming week to horror videogames, I've already started yesterday with Alone in the Dark and I'll continue every day until Saturday.

Also, the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories re-review is official, it's going to be reviewed using the now official AU system to make it fit with the other reviews in the library. Oh well, that's all for this week though, in some hours today's review should be up, can you guess what game it'll be?

Due to coming things at school I won't be able to post a review every day, I will however make sure to have a lot of reviews coming through May instead.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Retro Review: Alone in the Dark

The name "Survival Horror" was coined by Resident Evil in 1996, since then it's been tossed around on various occasions and renamed things like "Psychological Horror" or "Survival Action" when the developers felt the need to change it up a bit. The latest change would probably be "A Psychological Action Thriller" which is what Remedy is calling Alan Wake for the X-Box 360. However, in 1992 was the very first definition of the then small horror game genre named with Alone in the Dark, dubbed a "Ambient Survival Horror".

Poll Results "Did you like FF13?"

2 Votes (25%)
3 Votes (37%)
Don't care for Final Fantasy:
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New poll (What are your thoughts on Alan Wake?) is up.

Alan Wake unboxing + Update

Me unboxing Alan Wake!

Alan Wake review is coming once I'm done, so expect that some time next week or so. In other news, I've planned to re-do my Silent Hill SM review using the new Review System, and with me on that idea is Anna (aka. Puff) and possibly Marty, so we might get a triple review! With that said I must get back to Alan Wake now, follow my twitter for my AW thoughts while playing!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

End of the Week: Import-Mania!

Wow, has this been a big week for AU. Jimmy left for Stockholm, Jonis dropped out of the GS race, we got a brand new writer and we have three reviews out of which two are import games!
And if that hasn't been enough import for you I'll tell you that pretty soon me and Marty are going to have a very special retrospective series using only imported games. The games in question will be revealed later on, but I'm sure it'll turn out great.

Personally, I finally got my hands on Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and will probably spend most of my time playing that for now, been wanting that game for months. The Final Fantasy XIII review is on it's way once again, in text format using only me and Jonis. So that will probably arrive sometime during May. And if you havn't noticed it yet, I've started making these End-of-the-Week posts now, that's also good.

Also, in two weeks comes Alan Wake, expect something big concerning that.

Import Review: Tales of VS.

With a bunch of RPGs released throughout a 15-year long period, Namco decided to follow suit with Nintendo and Square Enix and create a fighter that would be comprised of Tales characters.

Import Review: Clock Tower First Fear

Clock Tower is one of the big horror game series mostly famous for their release on the original PlayStation. Unknown to many the first Clock Tower game was released in 1995 to the SNES console. Did it live up to it's follow-ups on the PlayStation console? Let's find out.