Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The 5 Best/Worst Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Sonic the Hedgehog has always been one of my favourite video game series seeing as I grew up with it on the SEGA Mega Drive along with its TV-shows and today on June 23'rd he turns 19. I still remember June 23'rd 2001, the release of Sonic Adventure 2. I still have my Japanese limited anniversary collectors edition complete with a golden coin and everything. Too bad the game-disc is scratched so that whenever I play the final stage it crashed when I begin playing as Dr. Robotnik. But not that it matters too much as my Dreamcast broke down some years ago as well. But enough talking about my memories of things breaking, let's talk about the five best and worst Sonic games of all time, in the order of their release, also remember that this is MY list, I bet yours is different but that doesn't make it wrong.


Sonic The Hedgehog [Mega Drive]
Original Release: June 23rd 1991 (US)
The original and the best. Sonic The Hedgehog was a revolutionary game among plat-formers at the time, mixing deep speed with precise jumping as its main mechanics of gameplay. It was hard not to fall for such a wonderful game, and I certainly did fall for it.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Mega Drive]
Original Release: November 20st 1992 (US)
My favourite 2D Sonic game is without doubt Sonic The Hedgehog 2, an amazing title taking everything the original had and updating it a thousand times. Awesome stages, awesome music, awesome special stages and perhaps one of the most important things, awesome boss fights.

Sonic The Hedgehog CD [MegaCD]
Original Release: September 23rd 1993 (JAP)
Sonic CD was a game that it took me years to finish, not because it was boring but because it was so damn hard. The first time I finished this was during my Sonic game marathon late 2006. Where we were set to play every major Sonic game but got stuck on Sonic 2006 because we didn't have an Xbox 360 yet. Fun times.

Sonic Adventure [Dreamcast]
Original Release: December 23rd 1998 (JAP)
Ah, Sonic Adventure the first true 3D Sonic plat-former, and in my opinion the best as well. Sonic Adventure had this awesome feeling of speed when you  first played it, seeing Sonic run on walks and shooting of ramps was amazing and an experience that I think almost every Sonic fan remembers.

Sonic Adventure 2 [Dreamcast]
Original Release: June 19th 2001 (US)
Three years later came Sonic Adventure 2, almost exactly ten years after Sonic The Hedgehog, only missing by a couple of days. I played this game over and over again. It became my favourite game for a short time and had me constantly replaying it. I loved every aspect of it, but now some years later I'll admit that it wasn't perfect. But then again, what game is perfect? 'wink wink'


Sonic Labyrinth [Game Gear]
Original Release: October ?? 1995 (EU)
One of the few Sonic games to hit European shores first is also one of the worst. Sonic Labyrinth is a slow-paced ugly annoying mess of a game. It took the concept of isometric 3D on an 8-bit console and proved just why it shouldn't be done. Awful game, awful execution.

Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [Mega Drive]
Original Release: November 30th 1996 (US)
Once again an example why Sonic shouldn't be in isometric 3D. This game managed to mess everything up that Labyrinth already had messed up and made it worse. So the question remains can Sonic actually work in isometric? Yes, yes it can. There are two good isometric Sonic games. SegaSonic The Hedgehog (aka Sonic The Arcade) and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, check them out instead.

Sonic Heroes [Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox]
Original Release: December 30th 2003 (JAP)
This is the perfect example on how a Sonic game should not be made, because there's just nothing good that came out of this game. A dumb concept mixed with dull stages and the worst plot in Sonic history makes for what I call the worst Sonic game in history. However, something that I thought was fun was that this was one of the few games that Yuji Naka (One of the original developers of Sonic The Hedgehog) said was going to take back Sonic to his classic roots, something that fans claim that SEGA says about every game since Sonic Adventure. Well you know what I think about that statement? Well, here's a comic I made a few years ago.

Sonic The Hedgehog [PS3 and Xbox 360]
Original Release: November 14th 2006 (US)
The game that everyone talk about. Yeah it's really bad, but it's actually one of the better ones on his list of worst games. I'd say this one is the least worst but still qualifies as an awful piece of crap. So with that said I guess the worst thing is that it's called "Sonic The Hedgehog".

Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis [GBA]

Original Release: November 14th 2006 (US)
This is the original Sonic The Hedgehog, a good game, smashed with a hammer and broken to pieces until the Mega Drive cartridge would fit into a GBA cartridge. It's terrible. Never ever try it out. You'll cry when you realise what have happened to one of the best plat-formers of all time. It's just so sad....

So with that said, there's no denying that Sonic has been going up and down the slopes throughout his time, but what big franchise hasn't? I think we need to focus on the positive aspects of the Sonic games and hope that the upcoming ones Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours are as good as they can be. To SEGA and Sonic, congratulations on 19 years of entertainment. So how about a huge surprise game for his 20th next year? :D


  1. Cool list, For me sonic 3+ Knuckles together beats adventure 2 by a mile. Sonic 06 is my least favorite

  2. Sonic 2006 needed more consoles to be on all I have is a DS, DSi, Gamecube, and a Wii. I WANT IT!!!!!