Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Games That Should Be on XBLA

I have been thinking a bit..or rather alot on what games from past times that would be awesome if they came to XBLA.

There is quite alot of games that i really want to be released but if i were to name them all we would be here untill next week. So with no further delay, here are my top 5 games i want to see be relesed on XBLA.

5. Diablo

I dont think this game needs any introduction
to the most of you. However if you for some
reason do have missed this game it is a
Dungeon-crawler from Blizzard in 1997.
The best of all is its random dungeon generator
that makes every playthrough into a different
gameing experiance.
You can either play alone, scavange treasure
with a friend on the same console
or online through battlenet. It worked great on the ps1
and i bet it works fine on xbox aswell.

4. Solomon's Key

This is one of my all-time favorite puzzlegames and was released on many colsoles, but the one i want is the one relesed on the NES in 1987. it's challenging but the concept is simple...find the key and open the door. sounds easy maybe, but the reality is quite diffrent when you face off against enemies that has but one soul asignment
to make your quest a living hell. A CO-OP scenario would perhaps make things more intresting dont you think?

3. Revolution X

Yeah i know what some of you might think...
This game isnt that good but hey,
i have only good memories of this game.
I remember i saw this game on a shelf in
a game store and thought:
"sweet a arcade-shooter with music by Aerosmith"
(One of my favorite bands at the time)
Its a fun game but oh so bizzare. You subdue your enemies with
machineguns and CD-discs (I'm not joking here).
CO-OP is great fun, and the destruction gets more extensive.
All i can say is that i would gladly buy this bizzare shooter anyday.
Oh, did a mention it was developed by Midway.

2. Final Fantasy 7

Most of you probably think im some fanboy for putting this game on my list, but to be honest i really enjoy playing this game.
If i could i would erase my memory of this game so i could enjoy it from a unknowing prespective again. This is the first ever game i played in the series, and i got hooked ever since.
With beautiful music and a well thought out story, it is certainly
among the best RPG games on the market.
For you who havent played it yet, what are you waiting for!

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Let's face it...This game will never ever come to XBLA.
However its only natural for me to have this game on my list since to me it is the best game i ever played. Well-balanced game play for 1 or 2 players. Team up or compete for most items & stages clear, It's up to you but its fun all the same.IF ever released it's a must-buy game...Simple as that.

Well thats it for this time
Over and out!

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