Monday, June 14, 2010

End of the Week: It's time for E3

It's the end of the week and tomorrow comes E3 2010, can't wait to see what awesome things get announced then! Also, we had our first article written by Jimmy at the site, I think we can expect more stuff from him as time moves on. Regarding upcoming reviews, I'm still working to finish Resonance of Fate, but I can spoil right here that the game will get a very high score in the end, because it's truly amazing. I'm also planning on picking up Dragon Quest IX next month and review that. And did I hear someone claim Blur is better than Split/Second...?

Speaking of Split/Second, (almost) a week later I can reconfirm that it is indeed an amazing game, read my review for more details, and the go out and buy the game. You owe it to yourself if you're a racing fan. Also, once again, don't forget that you can always follow me and Jimmy on Twitter. (@SirTobbii and @Nethalin666)

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