Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: RISK Factions

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge boardgame fanatic. I love boardgaming, but I rarely ever take a chance to play any real boardgames outside of the usual round of Monopoly or Chess. Before I played this game I had only tried RISK once, and my thoughts on that was "so-so", so it might seem strange that I took my time to get a hold of the beefed up version on Xbox Live Arcade based on the 2008 ruleset to increase the speed of the game. My final verdict? Well, read on to find out.

Gamerscore Race 2010 (Day 2010) + UPDATE!

Tobbii's comments:
So Jimmy is leaving Kalmar and our fun little gaming session ends, but we got some proper scores, and good new outfits for our avatars, while we were at it! Not much to say, we both got circa. 250G each this last day, it was fun.
Oh well, with that out of the way let's hit the update. We now have a Gamers Lounge in which you'll find all of our Gametags, PSN names and Wii/DS friend codes. Not much there right now, but it's getting there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gamerscore Race 2010 (Day 201)

Tobbii's comments:
With Jimmy back down in Kalmar for a week gaming has been a daily routine again, altough I guess it kind of was earlier as well since I've spent the latest week replaying Resident Evil 5 with every person I know (and still do) in order to get that last achievement (Weapon Collector). But at the same time I'm disapointed in my minimal increase of 470G in 31 days, oh well. For those who have followed me lately they should know that I've bought every bit of RE5 things there are, all expansions packs and the stupidly priced Versus Mode. So I have some to get there as well.

Jimmy comments:
Not much to say, I'm very happy with my monthly income of gamerscore.

Poll Results "Do you care for achievements/trophies?"

Do you care for Achievements/Trophies?
I'm addicted.
  3 (50%)
They're fun.
  3 (50%)
Don't know.
  0 (0%)
Don't care.
  0 (0%)
They're AWFUL!
  0 (0%)

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Final Fantasy XI Online: Ultimate Collection

Eight years ago Final Fantasy XI: Online hit the Playstation 2 in Japan, today it's also available on X-Box 360 and PC as the worlds first cross-platform compatible Multiplayer SBA*. It has spawned four retail expansions and four a little smaller add-ons as downloadable content with two more coming before the year ends. Final Fantasy XI Online: Ultimate Collection contains the aforementioned expansions and the first three add-ons. I sat down and leapt into the largest world ever created in Final Fantasy history, and what did I experience?

*Stat Based Adventure: Tobbii's definition for the games normally called RPG's.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Poll Results "So, who won E3?"

4 Votes (30%)

2 Vote (15%)
3 Votes (23%)
They're all winners.
3 Votes (23%)
Noone deserves to win.
1 Votes (7%)

Whoever voted on "Noone deserves to win.", please comment, I'd like to hear your opinion and reason why. ^^

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