Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gamerscore Race 2010 (Day 201)

Tobbii's comments:
With Jimmy back down in Kalmar for a week gaming has been a daily routine again, altough I guess it kind of was earlier as well since I've spent the latest week replaying Resident Evil 5 with every person I know (and still do) in order to get that last achievement (Weapon Collector). But at the same time I'm disapointed in my minimal increase of 470G in 31 days, oh well. For those who have followed me lately they should know that I've bought every bit of RE5 things there are, all expansions packs and the stupidly priced Versus Mode. So I have some to get there as well.

Jimmy comments:
Not much to say, I'm very happy with my monthly income of gamerscore.

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