Thursday, November 4, 2010

GAMEX 2010: 007 Blood Stone (Jimmy)

So, finally the day has come...Gamex 2010 opening day.

As I come in to the main-hall and saw all this booths, i felt like a child on christmas eve. Where do I go? What should i check out first? I figured that before I got lost in the many game booths, i would check out Gamestops signup booth and get a giftcard for 25 Kronor (3,8 $ for you americans).

With that out of the way, i strolled around a bit and found my first game...007 Blood Stone.

The first thing I noted was that the characters faces, especially M's & Mr. Bond looked more alive than in the previous game Quantum of Solace. The voice acting sounded quite convincing, and didn't feel off in any way. Controls felt very similar to Quantum, but tweeked with better responce, and they removed that pointless 1-button QTE when a takedown is preformed.

Graphics are really beautiful and the surroundings felt really Bondmovie-ish. In fact, I think it would actually make a nice movie (Potentially; it could be the first movie i would like Mr. Craig in).

Conclusion? If you havent already tried this game, I suggest you do it soon or your gonna miss out on a good Bond adventure.

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