Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: AR Games

The 3DS comes with three built in titles. Mii StreePass Plaza, Face Raiders and AR Games. The latter one is what I'm about to review as it was the first one I played all the way through. AR Games is a collection of minigames and apps that all use the 3DS AR Cards that comes with the console. I was actually quite excited about this title, so let's see how it lived up to my expectations!

AR Games
Developed by Nintendo
Published by Nintendo
Played on Nintendo 3DS
Reviewed by: Tobbii Karlsson

First of all, I will be nicer towards all the games that came with the console as they don't have the pressure of price on them. With that said, I still crave good entertainement. AR Games has three main gameplay modes. Fishing, Shooting and Golf. There are more modes, but they're mainly fun little apps rather than actual games. I'll review each of these three games in their own segments and the other apps in one final segment. Let's start with Shooting.

Shooting works well as long as you hold the 3DS straight in place, the first part of the game is simply shooting targets followed by shooting a dragon to death. Fighting the dragon works great although there are some frame rate issues during certain effects, but the targets themselves are not as fun to shoot at. At many occasions you'll have to twist and turn the 3DS to aim which will most likely end with the 3DS losing a good sight of the AR Card and pausing the game. There are 2 levels, the first on is open from start and the second one costs 3 Game Coins in the shop you unlock when you have tried the 6 main modes. To put it short, shooting works, but it's not very fun.

Golf, which for some reason is called AR Shot, is however worse. The regular golf part works alright as long as you have a small table that you can circle when lining up your shot. But when you get to the end you have to fight the Dragon again, and this is the big problem with the game. The frame rate drops far too much and most of the enjoyment ends quickly. As with Shooting there are 2 levels, the second one costs 3 Game Coins. Golf would be better than Shooting if it wasn't for the terrible frame rate during the Dragon fights.

Fishing works great. Fishing is pretty much the regular Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing fishing. You let the fish nibble your bait until they bite for real, but instead of pressing the A button you pull the 3DS backwards to catch them. After you've caught some, the Dragon appears... ...Again. However, this time it's really fun. You have to bomb the Dragon until you can catch it. There is no second level, but you can unlock a Free Fishing mode where you don't have to be scared of the Dragon appearing. Fishing is by far the best gameplay mode in AR Games.

The other apps all work fine. There's the photo modes where you can take pictures of Nintendo characters and your Mii (Not together though, which is sad.) or even draw your own grafitti in 3D. There's a clock that does more than a regular clock. It turns time back and forward, emulating various times of day, it's fun for a little while. There's also a terrain mode where you can create a 3D terrain using the cards. Last is the globe, it's pretty useless but pretty to look at.

Speaking of pretty to look at, the 3D does work somewhat, it's not great but it's certainly not bad. For Nintendo 3DS reviews we'll make sure to add a score for 3D as well. The controls work fine, you only use the A button unless you want to take pictures, then you use L + R. The visuals are okay, but the 3DS can do better as we've already seen with a lot of the games available. There's barely any sound or music in the game worth mentioning, most of it is forgetable.

AR Games works most of the time, but when it doesn't it's frustrating. And even when it DOES work, it's not that much fun. Use it to take some fun pictures, but don't expect something you'll be playing a week post purchase.

Gameplay: 2/10        Controls: 7/10        3D Visuals: 6/10
Replay Value: 1/10        Visuals: 7/10        Audio: 4/10
Total Score 3.5/10.0
Big Letdown
Don't Try This Game

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