Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 5 Future Uses of Augmented Reality on Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS celebration continues after two days of problems keeping me from posting anything. AR has the possibility of being a real game changer. If it'll be, time will tell. But speculation is always an option. Here's my Top 5 choices of possible future uses of the AR system that exists within the Nintendo 3DS. Agree or disagree? Hit the jump and give us your thoughts with a comment!

5. Combination
I could be wrong, but from what I understand we can only use one "?" card at a time in games like Nintendogs + Cats. Screw that! I want a big photograph with all my little kittens and dogs, why can't I have that? Also, while I'm talking about photographing my cats, is it only me who thinks AR will spawn a new breed of lolcats? Oh well, I guess time will tell.

4. Lego
With all the Lego games coming out these days, I want a Lego Builder for the E-Shop. The AR card becomes a lego bottom that you can freely build on then place out little Nintendo characters or Miis to get some nice pictures. Sure, you could just play with real Lego, but that's expensive.

3. Racing
I wouldn't be surpriced if this is already on its way, but I don't remember hearing about it. You know the golf game that comes with the 3DS? You make your own terrain and everything using the AR mode and then play with it. Imagine this combined with racing! Build terrain and road and set out checkpoints. Then race with your friends who's in the same room or against other people online. The people will all get the same stage since the AR cards work on all flat surfaces after all.

2.A Retail Shooting Game
AR Shooting looks like a lot of fun, but I want a really long and engaging AR shooter. I know it's essentially a rail-shooter with a new gimmick, but I don't mind that. I love rail shooters and just imagine the possibilites. It could go the Super Smash Bros. way and give us a whole lot of Nintendo bosses and characters. Imagine fighting Mother Brain, Bowser and Giygas in a good fun shooter with a whole lot of powerups and game modes.

The game could get harder the more people play it at the same time. Let's say you have seven friends that all have 3DS and you boot up Super Shooter Bros. or whatever it would be called and all your friends activate Download Play and join in. Suddenly you're figthing twin-clones of Ganon along with a pack of Bullet Bills. I'm not sure how possible this is since I have yet to try AR, but if this is possible, it needs to happen. Now.

1. Pokémon Battles
Imagine Pokémon 3D, you're fighting your friend over wi-fi and you place down your AR card on the table in front of you. You hit Start and check a little box called "AR Mode" and the top screen stops showing the regular battle scene and switches to camera. Out of the card a stage grows and you and you're opponent tosses a pokéball (from the cameras perspective) towards the stage. The battle is then seen in 3D in real life, this is something that I raelly hope Nintendo has considered.

It allows for classic 2D battles as they have said they would like to keep, while still giving us who really want to utelise the full 3DS capabilities something to squeal about. It shouldn't be that hard really either, it's prety much just Pokémon Stadium and then applying it to AR. If they'd make something more advanced it would certainly be great, but hey, we can't ask for too much, even if it is a wishlist.

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  1. Just to let you know, The Lego idea? GENIUS!
    I really hope that happens.