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Review: Sonic Colours (Wii)

Depending on what side of the fence you were on you either loved or hated 2008's Sonic Unleashed, I was one of those who loved it. Sonic Colours was specifically made for people like me, Sega said so, and I would be lying if I said that the trailers didn't get me hyped as all hell for the game. Well, it's been a while since release, but I've gotten through the game and I think it's time for me to tell Sega just how much a fan of Unleashed appreciated this game.

Sonic Colours - Reviewed by: Tobbii Karlsson
Developed by Project Color Division of Sonic Team/Sega
Published by Sega-Sammy
Played on Nintendo Wii

Well right off the bat let me say this, I prefer Sonic Unleashed. Why? Well it's quite simple really, level design. Sonic Colours doesn't have terrible level design, but a lot of the stages feel like cheap throwaways in order to keep all zones with the same amount of acts. Now that would have been fine if they were stages you could skip, like in the aforementioned Unleashed, but that's not the case here. Every stage needs to be finished, and when you spend a couple of minutes on rails slamming into moto-bugs it really starts to get boring.

Thankfully, these sort of gimmick stages are in minority and does therefore not halt the game far too much, the other stages are fast and fun with some exceptions. Every stage takes place in science fiction inspired settings, something that starts out cute, but gets stale fast. Not even Planet Wisp, the fourth zone, lets you run around on green grass for all that much, and that seemed to be the entire concept of the planet to begin with. Variety is something that's always important, and when it comes to level design that's something Colours have forgotten.

But thankfully, there's a whole lot of great things to say about Colours as well, including in the subject of variety. Sonic can gain colour powers through alien Wisps that let him do things as drilling through the ground or shooting himself aways as a beam of laser, something that makes replaying stages fun to be able to find alternative paths or even alternative goal rings when it comes to some stages. However, some colours comes off as forced and/or uneccesary, like the Purple Wisp that you pretty much only have use for during one zone.

There's also a whole lot of replay value here seeing as the Colour Powers will give you new paths and might help you find the various hidden red rings or gaining the sought after S ranks. I won't spoil what happens when you do collect all the rings, but rest assured that it's certainly worth it.There's a multiplayer mode called Sonic Simulator in which you can race as either Miis or as Sonic Robots throughout stages inspired by classic Sonic stages, it's fun, but doesn't last very long.

The gameplay itself is similliar to Unleashed, you no longer gain boost power through rings however, you now gain it by destroying robots and picking up White Wisps. Sonic now has a double jump that only ruins the game by mixing up double tapping A between two different moves, sometimes you'll end up homing attacking to death when you intended on double jumping, not fun at all. The lack of a spindash is something I didn't like in Unleashed, unfortunatly it's still missing here. But gameplay is mostly solid, and the new HUD Warning about falling to your death is very nice and stops you from doing some stupid things and falling to your death.

The boss fights are pretty dull however, there are essentially only three of them, repeated once each and then a final boss on top of that. While some of them are fun, some others are on rails and end up being really cheap fights where rings are so rare that getting hit is almost guaranteed as a death sentence. For gamers who like a good challenge this is great, but I can tell that plenty of kids picking up the title will be frustrated, why Sonic games are so scared of having a difficulty selection I don't know, but they should consider it for future titles.

The storyline is pretty fun this time around. Dr. Robotnik has built an Interstellar Amusement Park in space consisting of six planets, he claims to done it to make up for his crimes in a Dr. Wily style manner. Sonic and Tails arrive to find out that Robotnik is actually harvesting the alien Wisps to create a mind-controlling machine to rule Sonic's World, that's the new official term for the planet Sonic lives on as opposed to Earth in previous games, for all eternity. There's no weird monster who takes the cake as a final villain this time around and there's no forced unlockable last story to find. It's a really fun story that works without plotholes and manages to enhance the feeling of the game.

There are new voice actors for this title too, Mike Pollock returns as Robotnik and does as great of a job as he always has. Roger Craig Smith of Chris Redfield fame takes on the new voice of Sonic and does a really good job at portraying a little older version of the hedgehog that Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond has played before him. Once again Tails has gotten a new voice, this time with Kate Higgings who you might know as the english voice of C.C. in Code Geass, a personal favourite of mine. She does a great job, and is probably the best Tails voice in quite some time.

The visuals are fantastic, Colours is one of the best looking games on the Wii without doubt, the lights and textures are beautiful, and while the cutscenes are FMV based on the in-game models it's still very pretty to look at. It's obvious Sega has given a lot of care for this title, as every little corner look polished. The soundtrack is also good, albeit a little forgettable. The main theme "Reach for the Stars" is not quite as catchy as a lot of the previous Sonic theme songs, but it does the job of setting up a happy go lucky feeling really well whenever you start up the game.

Sonic Colours is a game that does a lot of things great, but it's not as good as I would have expected, I will not point to the Sonic Cycle as I consider it bull, but I will say that I know that Sega can do better. Still, what we got was really fun, and as the price has been lowered a bit now some months after release I do indeed recommend you giving it a try.

Story: 9/10        Gameplay: 7/10        Controls: 6.5/10        Replay Value: 8/10        Visuals: 9.5/10        Audio: 6/10
Total Score 7.5/10.0 - Truly Great
Recommendation: Buy This Game

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