Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tobbii responds to the latest Operation Rainfall update.

This is an extended text based on my tweet and GoNintendo comment.

Nintendo of America on Twitter at 2011-06-30 - 02:33 AM (+2):
"@OpRainfall Thanks for being such incredible fans! Unfortunately, there continues to be no plans for NOA to release these 3 games right now."

My thoughts on this:
This is stupid. There was no fucking reason to tease us with an upcoming announcement if they were going to stick with the exact same words they said earlier, hell, even less now since they've confirmed Monado is not coming out.

Now what really pisses me off is that Nintendo of Europe has yet to acknowledge anything about Pandora's Tower. We're getting the other two, so we're in a better seat than US, but still, no mention from then what-so-ever, and Operation Rainfall was for that cause as well.

I'm not going to boycott Nintendo like some here, I respect their decision and I'm sure there are good valid and analysed reasons for the choice, I will however NOT respect the way they handled it.

However, with Xenoblade/Monado, Pandoras Tower, The Last Story, Mother 3, Fatal Frame 4 and several other games over these last 5 years being ignored despite a huge following that would still probably only be a small percentage of the actual purchased, I'm not surprised.

But damn it Nintendo, you just had to lead us on now didn't you? Let me guess, Europe is not getting Fortune Street or something? Because as of now, we only have US confirmation.

To Nintendo fans who are upset:
Don't give up, keep up the fight. Do not let this go to waste, we don't want another Mother 3 on our hands. The GBA deserved that game for its last year, and the Wii deserves these games for its last year.

Oh, and you people should stop hating on Mystery Case Files, it's not that developing teams fault that you're not getting the other games. Seriously, thought you guys were better than that.

Also, Reggie is only a small part of the decision making progress for localization even as a CEO, don't hate on one person, hate on the whole company if you feel like hating.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AU supports Operation Rainfall.

Well at least I do, if anyone of Achievement Unlock would wish to not support the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower I'll make sure to note it. :P

Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 Bits: Games Deserving 3Dmakes

Welcome to my new list feature here on AU called "8 Bits", it's essentially a Top 8 list on various subjects. This time we take a look at games I feel should get enhanced ports for the 3DS like so many other games on the console at the time. Please note that I'm not talking full on remakes like Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS but rather games that are the same yet somehow enhanced for the 3DS, as with Ocarina of Time 3D or Snake Eater 3D. The list is 100% biased and subjective to my own opinion, if you can't deal with that, that's not my problem. Let's dig into it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poll Results "E3 Polls"

Only showing results that gained votes...

Day 1: PSVita, 249/299 Dollars?
Too much, not buying.        3 (37%)
Decent price.                       4 (50%)
That's really low.                 1 (12%)

Day 2: Wii U, thoughts on the name?
Wii Eww...                          5 (100%)

Day 3: Do you think Kinect will start appealing to the Core Gamers this fall?
A few games, sure.            2 (50%)
Not a chance.                     2 (50%)

Day 4: E3 is over... was great.                    1 (33%) was terrible.                2 (66%)

Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 Podcast: Day Four

Trying to cover as many games as possible in an hour is not easy, but for our final daily E3 podcast Tobbii made sure to do his best along with getting Shade's final E3 Awards.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 Podcast: Day Three

What was showed at the other conferences? Well Tobbii and Shade is back again to talk about just what they thought about every game from FarCry 3 to Rocksmith.

Tobbii plays FarCry: Part One

Because of my extreme (a bit too extreme I'll admit) hype for FarCry 3 from this E3 (See the third daily Podcast), I decided on trying to play FarCry and maybe FarCry 2 as a feature here on AU. With FarCry making its first debut here, I'm not great at it, but it should be a fun watch.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 Podcast: Day Two

The PS Vita is revealed along with a small teaser of Nintendo's new console called Wii u. What did Tobbii and Shade think? Hit the jump to find out...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poll Results "Which press conference are you most excited about?"

Only showing choices that got votes:
Nintendo - 4 votes - (44%)
Microsoft - 2 votes - (22%)
Konami - 2 votes - (22%)
Sony - 1 vote - (11%)

E3 Podcast: Day One

E3 has begun, and so we start another year of expectations and announcements. Let's see what Microsoft has shown and what Nintendo and Sony might show!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: Sonic 4 - Episode I

Isn't it just perfect that I happen to have bought, played and finished it in perfect time to review it the very day before its sequel might be announced at E3. When Sonic 4 was released last year it received praise from some and quite the hard backslash from others. But to hell with that, let's see what I think, because this is my review and I won't hold any punches back if needed. Let's juice!

Gamerscore Race 2011 Update

Been a while since I updated, so here we go. This month so far has gone good for me, got 140G in Sonic 4 thus far and we have Duke Nukem around the corner. But I have a long way to go before I reach Jimmy. Now, tomorrow is the start of E3, so that means E3 will be the main focus for a week, so I doubt there'll be much updating on the GS Race, but keep an eye on my and Jimmy's twitter for #GSRace hashtags!

Very sorry for this, but my percentage is incorrect, by 9%. 31,1% is the correct status for me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011