Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 Bits: Games Deserving 3Dmakes

Welcome to my new list feature here on AU called "8 Bits", it's essentially a Top 8 list on various subjects. This time we take a look at games I feel should get enhanced ports for the 3DS like so many other games on the console at the time. Please note that I'm not talking full on remakes like Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS but rather games that are the same yet somehow enhanced for the 3DS, as with Ocarina of Time 3D or Snake Eater 3D. The list is 100% biased and subjective to my own opinion, if you can't deal with that, that's not my problem. Let's dig into it!

Resident Evil is a masterpiece, and the original got a perfect port to the original DS with Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. However, most people will agree that the 2003 remake for the Nintendo Gamecube is better in every single way. So now when we have a more powerful system, why not release Resident Evil REmake on the Nintendo 3DS. The atmosphere that already is sky-high would beenfit from the extra dimension and thanks to the new shaders available on the 3DS the models could look even better than ever before.

Resident Evil 3D ended up at the lowest part because, apart from atmosphere, it doesn't really get any "better" for being on the 3DS. There's not much you can do with the controls and since the game is based on pre-rendered backgrounds there's no usage of adding a 3D Gyroscope camera or aiming. Still, as with the rest of the games on the list, Resident Evil REmake is a game so great it deserves to be played again on a new system.

I was originally planning to have this be a enhanced port of F-Zero X, but I decided on the Nintendo Gamecube title F-Zero GX instead. Also, I figured it could let you include stuff from the arcade only F-Zero AX as well do get higher replay value. Not to mention the fact that there hasn't been a F-Zero for an entire generation now. Both the Nintendo DS and the Wii have seemingly lost their opportunities with the Nintendo 3DS being out and the Wii U on the horizon.

I decided on F-Zero GX because I've not played it all that much. F-Zero X I've played to death and it looks like F-Zero GX is simply a better game based on what I've seen. Granted I could be wrong, but if there's any way I'd love to experience either that or F-Zero AX it's on the 3DS with Gyro Controls and great visuals combined. Not to mention the possibilities of touch-screen control as well. F-Zero 3DX is something I can see Nintendo do in the coming year, but we'll see.

I needed at least one Fighting game on here, and while my first choice would have been a Tekken game, we already have that coming. So I decided on that other 2D-plane crossover fighter Capcom did a few years back. Tatsunoko vs Capcom was released on the Wii and would really deserve the 3D treatment just like Street Fighter IV did. With the amazing-for-fighters Circle Pad and easy to use touch-buttons for those less experienced this is bound to make the game even more fun to play.

Also the visuals were gorgeous already on the Wii, so we know it would look stellar on the 3DS. I could see Capcom do this, but question is if they would rather focus on porting one of the HD fighters like Street Fighter X Tekken or Marvels vs Capcom instead. It's hard to say, but here's to hope!

Remember my review of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories? Of course you don't, it was the first review on this site and it was written like crap. I also said the music was not memorable yet I was constantly humming it throughout those days, I'm so silly sometimes. Still, Shattered Memories is a beautiful game in all the various meanings of that word. But one of the few issues with the game was the clunkyness of the smart-phone in Harry's possession, having to bring it up to see the map really got tedious on stages like the hospital. With the 3DS, that is all fixed.

Also, controlling the flashlight aim would be awesome with the gyro, look at how Ocarina of Time 3D uses it for the L-Target camera, it works great and would make the game feel even more immersive and realistic. Not to mention looking around Kaufman's office. Also, since I already have played through Shattered Memories a good ten times or so, I might as well do it again... And again... And again... C'mon Konami, pleeeease?

The genre I feel is lacking on the 3DS the most are the FPS games. With the Gyro or the 3D you'd think the developers would be all over it. Well so far, not really. Well a great way to kick it off would be a port of the ever so great F.E.A.R. from 2005. Imagine how precise you can deliver those nails from in slow-motion when you adjust your aim to perfection with the Gyroscope and sidestep your way to safety with the perfect-for-3D-movement circle pad.

Another thing lacking on the 3DS are horror games, out of which three of the five games so far have all been. And if I may go off topic a little bit, I would love to see Dementium III on the Nintendo 3DS, any chance of that Renegade Kid? Right, back to F.E.A.R.3.D., it would be a great game to show just what the 3DS is capable off for the so-called hardcore gaming community. Bring some great F.E.A.R. Combat to Wi-Fi as well and you have yourself a possible handheld GotY contender! But hey, not all FPS player like F.E.A.R. and not all like run and gun, don't worry, the next game will satisfy you...

The first Metroid Prime is without doubt the best of the Prime games, and to be honest, it almost is in the league to compete with Super Metroid for the best Metroid game ever, almost. And since I always felt that Metroid Prime Hunters did not live up to the potential of what a handheld Metroid game could be, I'd love to see a port of the original Metroid Prime. After all, Retro has clearly stated that the Prime series is over, so there's no hoping for a new game, unless they change their minds, like everyone else do.

And yes, here comes what you all knew I was going to say. Imagine controlling the aim with the Gyro, but wait, there's more, imagine controlling the morphball with the Gyro! Aha! There's a twist in my linear thinking right? Not to mention that Metroid Prime would look GORGEOUS in 3D, and I think everyone would agree.

Shenmue and Shenmue II are my two favourite games of all time. I'm not going to write a whole lot on this, because I can honestly not defend its position on this list beyond "I love it". But hey, it's my list so that is enough, but that is also why I did not place it as #1. However, if I could add anything that would make it better, it would be improved camera control, which should be very possible. So yeah, short text here, but I still want it, probably more than all the other ones on this list. Except maybe for...

Okay guys, I don't want to spoil the review for Ocarina of Time 3D coming next week, but let me say this. It's so good that they force me to want more. Majora's Mask always felt superior to Ocarina of Time in my book, and with it's direct-sequel nature it only feels right that it would end up on the Nintendo 3DS just like it's predecessor. Slap on the beatutiful Ocarina of Time 3D graphics and add a new harder Second Quest and I can see the best Zelda game as of yet getting even better.

And hey, look at the people of GameFAQs who voted Majora's Mask the best game of the last decade, that's saying something. The game has a huge well deserved fanbase and it's time Nintendo made sure to recognize it now that they have their golden opportunity to cash in on it. I'm almost 100% sure this game will happen, the only question is, when?

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