Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tobbiinion!: Rachel from Resident Evil: Revelations

[Tobbiinion! is a new article-series on Achievement Unlock in which Tobbii tosses out his honest thoughts on something going on in the gaming world. Unfiltered and uncensored, he states his opinion whether you like it or not.]

Sex-appeal. That's a term that is very common and has always been very common, it's understandable as to why you would want sex-appeal in your game, movie or comicbook, it makes the viewer feel more comfortable. And when it comes to games like Oneechanbara or Dead or Alive: Xtreme it fits perfect to have over sexualized girls, it's part of the style they're aiming for, same with men for games like Cho Aniki. So why do I have a problem with Rachel from Resident Evil: Revelations? Well first of all, I guess I should fill you guys in on who she is...

Rachel is another member of the Special Forces team BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and she shares the same design of wet-suit in the game as co-operative Jill Valentine. They're both trained specialists at fighting Bio Organic Weapons and other various creatures. However, as you might notice, there's a slight difference between how they both wear the wetsuit. Jill has the zipper pulled down slightly, in a respectable manner so to say (Unlike her Resident Evil 5 outfit) and it's all fine. Rachel however, decided that for some reason she would pull her zipper all the way down. Because, you know, when you're trying to fight virus-infected monsters on a ship in the middle of nowhere, you would pull your zipper down to expose your skin and body further to possible infection, right? Of course not, it's stupid and only exists there to show off her bra-less breasts.

Now, would it have been so hard to at least pull the zipper up to Jill's level? It would still have been sexy, but actually make sense. Or, to be even more critical, why even pull it down at all? She's in a wetsuit, she has pretty big breasts so it's not like she would not be sexy with it being on like it should, right? Resident Evil has proven before that characters can look very sexy in proper clothing, look at Jill in Resident Evil REmake, she's gorgeous and very attractive, at least to me. Same with Claire Redfield in her Code Veronica appearance, and she's meant to be a civilian with no special outfit so it even makes more sense to put her in a bit more sexualized clothing right?

Capcom has been doing this for a few years though, it started with Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4, no good agent trying to infiltrate would be wearing a long slit scarlet dress, especially when her prequel story shows her in tactical gear, it just makes no sense. They kept the trend when Jill was put in her catsuit in Resident Evil 5, one could argue she was put in there to be more agile, and fine, I'll accept that, still looked stupid since she was in heels, but whatever. However, the developers of RE5 admitted to changing the original placement of her mind control device from her head to be placed on her breasts, so that they could get a sexy reveal with her pulling down her suit a good 30 centimetres.

Now, I was hoping Capcom would have learned from that, but I guess I was wrong. Now I just want to reassure people that I'm not against sexuality in games, absolutely not, but I don't like it when it's stupid in context to the situation. Resident Evil tries to be a serious storytelling experience, people can argue against it all they want and I respect that, but that is what they're going for. And this is a direct 180 against what they're trying to do, I was actually invested in what was going on with Revelations, but now I only see Rachel and realize that I can not take anything seriously as long as she's there.

Now, I don't think for a second Capcom would change it this far in development, although given how they changed Jill's new outfit in a very short period of time this spring it's certainly not impossible, but I'm hoping that Capcom will acknowledge this, assuming I'm not a minority, and will think about it for future designs. If you want us to take a story seriously in a action/horror world, then make sure the character actually fits in first. Now, I guess Capcom could give us unlockable alternative costumes for the characters, but if this is the standard outfit I'm actually a bit scared for what the alternative ones would be. If anything, this looks like such an alternative costume and that would be fine in my book, it'd sort of be like how Sheva is practically naked in her alternative second outfit in Resident Evil 5 or Chris being dressed in S&M gear in the Gold Edition of the same game.

I can't avoid commenting on her hair as well since that could be argued to be even sillier than her costume. She obviously should not be able to see with that thick hair hanging in front of her face like that, trust me, I've had hair like that once, it really obstruct your vision. Once again, not a good thing on a ship with monsters. Not to mention the hell it will bring to possible future cosplayers.

But hey, maybe it's just me, what's your opinion?
All screens of Rachel was taken from the TGS reveal trailer and scans from the magazine famitsu, source can be found here, trailer & scans.


  1. The two biggest things that sells games are sexuality and violence. Fan service will never be excluded from video games, especially when they're being developed by a Japanese gaming company. Frankly, I couldn't care less if the outfits certain females wear revealing outfits as long as the story is good and the game play is solid.

  2. Rachel is with the FBC, not the BSAA.