Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easteregg Hunt: RAGE: Obtaining the Shambler Plush

[Easteregg Hunt is a new feature on Achievement Unlock that consists of simple guides written in text with supplied images to help players find hidden secrets and eastereggs in videogames.] 
Last post we found the first of the hidden rooms in Id Software's RAGE (Review coming soon) and like I promised I'm going to help you find the other rooms as well. This time we're going to find the a soft and cuddly plushie... ...Wait what?

This is required to access the Easteregg:
  • You must have finished the "Waster Garage Quest" and received your buggy.
  • Make sure you've killed everyone in the garage before leaving.
This is right outside after the quest, grab the four-wheeler and return the quest to DR. After that, you can start this hunt.
First, make sure you kill off the boss turret and the enemies in the "Wasted Garage" and finish the Car Parts quest, because it's in this location we'll be running around. When you first get your buggy you can drive back to where you left the garage (The entrance is now locked, the back door is required) and I'll help you find three very special buttons.

This is right inside the door, start walking from here.
Let's start off right at the end of the garage, which will be where you begin, keep walking forward until you get to a area with a few open rooms as seen below.

The open doorway that I'm aiming beside.
See that room right at the end where I'm aiming? In there is the first button, that fans might recognize from Id Software's 1996 hit Quake, I think you see where this is going. A door will be opened elsewhere. 1 out of 3.

Two Buttons Remaining.

Great, let's continue down the stairs until we reach this pathway (below), walk into the room and look at the flipped cabinet on the floor to the left, another button! 2 out of 3.

One Button Remaining.
Keep on walking down the stairs until you get to a room with a few pillars, the room is very trashed, but at the back by a red chest is the final button! Let's run back.

Running back, almost to the end, you find another staircase that you've not been able to ascend due to rubble, it's now clean. You might see the familiar Quake logo painted in red next to it, walk up and through the oh-so-classic 1996 Quake Portal to arrive in the old Difficulty Room.

Easy, medium or hard. Make you choice... But not really.
Great, we found the secret room. In the middle path is the Plushie based on the Shambler monster from Quake. Pick it up, same thing applies as to the Wolf Goblet, keep it or sell it for 150 dollars.

The room is almost a perfect replica...
...Except for the improved particle fire as opposed to the originals 3D modelled flame.
Another segment, another room, another fun old Id object. Next segment will cover more than one object however, it will cover THREE.

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