Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easteregg Hunt: RAGE: Obtaining the Wolf Goblet

 [Easteregg Hunt is a new feature on Achievement Unlock that consists of simple guides written in text with supplied images to help players find hidden secrets and eastereggs in videogames.] 
 I'm currently playing through RAGE on PC (low-settings mind you) for a future review, and I figured I'd get a little bit of an easter-egg hunt series going while doing so. So here's a guide to find the first hidden easter-egg in Id Software's RAGE.

This is required to access the Easteregg:
  • Must have begun but NOT finished the quest. (The area is locked afterwards.)
  • Must have passed the torture sequence.
This is the out-door area in question, kill the 4-5 raiders here and move into the next room.
Now, at the start of the game you recieve a mission to head to "Ghost's Hideout" and "Kill every Raider out there" or something along those lines, it's a short and fun tutorial mission. But after a few kills you get caught by the Raiders and are tortured. After the escape you find yourself in a shoot-out in a out-door area.

Right where I'm aiming is where you can find the hidden door.
After you've eliminated the raiders and walk into the next room you see a wall with a painting on it a good 3 meters from a TV, nothing suspicious, except a hidden door! In the blank wall-space between the painting and TV you can press "E", or whatever key you use for "Use", and a classic surprise awaits.

It's like we found a portal to 1992!
Voila! The classic Wolfenstein 3D door is there, walk through that and you arrive in Wolf3D themed room, visuals fully intact! You can pick up a goblet in there which plays a familiar sound to those who grew up with the classic WWII sci-fi horror shooter. The goblet itself is useless unless you sell it for a good 150 dollars.

Unfortunately that's all there is to do in here, but at least we did not leave empty-handed!
With that said I'm ending this segment of Easteregg Hunt, hopefully you found this helpful and I'm going to continue with at least two more RAGE segments in the coming days. Until then, good day!

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