Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GAMEX 2011 - Mini-Interview: Yoshie-San about Soul Calibur V

I met Yoshie-san from Project Soul at GAMEX, after the Soul Calibur V press conference (Video coming later this week) I talked to him for a few minutes before the Namco people wouldn't let him speak longer. This is what him and I spoke about before we had to part ways. Then we met again and he signed my Soul Calibur V mini-poster. *SQUEAL!!*

Okay, first of all. This is all paraphrased due to us not being allowed to conduct a standard interview, I'll do my best at not changing any words from what he told me. If you don't know who Yoshie-san is, he's a Senior Director and Lead Art Designer for Soul Calibur V, these are the questions he answered.

  • Will there be other guest-fighters apart from Ezio appearing in the game?
(This question was also answered by Director Daishi Odashima as seen in the conference video)
No, Ezio is the only one. But there will be a new character-creation exclusive fight-style for players to use.

  • Was there any guest-character you wanted that was considered for the game?
(Looks at PR and Director) Well, I can't really talk about that since it involves other companies. So sorry, but I can't answer that.

  • Could you tell me how long, possibly in hours, the story mode will be?
Well, it's hard to say. It will be much deeper than that of Soul Calibur IV, but it's still being worked on so I could not say for definite, but it also depends on the player. We'll have to wait and see.

  • Could we maybe conduct a proper interview later on today?
(Looks at PR and Director) I'm not sure, let me ask. (Walks away for a few seconds) No, I'm sorry. We're heavily booked so I can't.

  • That's okay, thanks for taking the time. Good bye.
Thank you, good bye and hope you enjoy Soul Calibur V.

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