Monday, November 7, 2011

GAMEX 2011 - Preview: Sonic Generations

I am not one of the people who yells and brings up the Sonic Cycle every time a new Sonic game is announced, I've actually enjoyed a lot of the later games. Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours were okay games, I really liked Sonic Unleashed and I can't say I disliked playing Sonic and the Secret Rings back in 2007. So I'm not one to say Sonic's been on a path of destruction, but nonetheless this is what most people seem to think and this game, Sonic Generations, is the game to break that path and set things straight once again. I tried the Sky Sanctuary stage and... Well see for yourself.

I won't lie, I messed up a lot. But I blame about 25% of that on the controls rather than myself. First of all, while the game looks and feels like Sonic Unleashed, the controls have a distinct difference. The X button (Circle on PS3) is no longer the Homing Attack button, that is back to it's double-tapping A Button (Cross on PS3) origins, I don't like this. I always preferred having another command and this is why you see my accidental boosting mid air when I shouldn't. Also, Sonic feels chunky to move around, it's like he was controlled with a d-pad rather than a analog stick, I could not get him to move the way I wanted him, which I've always been able to so I guess this is one of the changes that other people asked for when I claimed the controls were fine.

The stage design was nice, not great, but nice. A bit too many walk-slightly-to-the-left-and-your-dead moments, but that's okay since it's the third world you'll be in, so you'll get a chance to learn the game first. I did get to see Classic Sonic in Chemical Plant Zone as well as Modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone as well. These stages looked better, to me, than Sky Sanctuary. Both visually and in terms of level design. Sky Sanctuary is just too grey, it's almost depressing to look at sometimes.

Other than that, it seems Sonic Generations has shaped up to be a fun game and I'll try to sneak in a review between the crazy-ness of Skyrim and Skyward Sword, but I can't promise anything.

Level of Anticipation:
6/10 - Above Average

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